The News Until Now (not finished)

It is hard to summarize all the news and events that have occurred recently but here are some of them that I think are of most interest to you.  

The Hawaii Superferry has temporarily shut down.  Due to a decision by the Hawaii Supreme Court 

Grounded sailboat now part of reef.

Tourism is down significantly in Hawaii.

The road past Kipahulu is now open to traffic.  

The Lahaina Bypass is being built -- only a couple of DECADES or so late!


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Aloha! Just returned to the mainland from Maui :( We were by your store, where your sign was posted "by appointment only". Unfortunately, it was our last day there, so there was no time to make that appointment.
I'd hoped to find your shirts online. It was SO disappointing to be shopping in Maui and find so many "Hawaiian" things manufactured in China. I much prefer to support local business. I was thrilled to find the sandal maker and ordered my custom-fitted handmade sandals. Put your shirts online, please! I will buy them and give them to my friends and family. I heard comments from several visitors, that they would have much preferred to see more of the traditional Hawaii. I found a lot of that in Lahaina, wandering through some of the older residential area. Looking forward to seeing your product online. All the Best, Mahalo

June 13, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter1beachbrat

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